• 30 October Tuesday
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    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth has been an inspiration to the automative industry with a giant cult following even to this day, eleven years after his passing. From a short stay in the Air Force, to a small job at Sears, to opening his Roth Studio leading to a deal with Revell, to riding with the Hell’s Angels and even Mormonism, Ed “Big Daddy” Roths’ stamp on this culture will never die, with his characters keeping his soul alive for years to come. 

    We here at Sourpuss just got in some new Rat Fink awesomeness that we know you will just have to have! If you’re a fan of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, make sure you check these out. Burn rubber like the Rat Fink inside of you and don’t hesitate! Don’t lose time and pick up a Rat Fink wall clock. Better yet, pick one up for each room; And of course put an inspiring clock in your garage while you work into the night on that dream rod you can’t wait to finish for this coming spring and summer! Every greaser has to have a flash of the Fink in his, or her, garage. (We don’t want to limit this to you guys. We know for a fact there are some gals out there that can turn the wrench and tune that engine leaving you eating dust in the already distant tail lights) How about a Rat Fink antenna topper? With the topper your rod will still look fast and possibly earn you tickets sitting still. West coaster? Grab a Rat Fink Surfboard Bobblehead to ad a little vintage flair to that Ford Woody you’re so proud of! There’s a little Rat Fink in all of us, so show some love and display your favorite
    Ed “Big Daddy” Roth piece for all to see. 

    Rat Fink Black Bandana

    Rat Fink White Bandana

    Rat Fink Coin Bank

    History of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth